Year-Round Program

Check out All the Cool Programs we run throughout the year:

  • Emergency Medicine Day: Saturday, October 3rd, 2015.
    • During Emergency Medicine Day, students come to Mount Sinai on a Saturday to learn all about the world of Emergency Medicine! Students are able to engage in many fun activities, such as learning how to make casts, ride in an ambulance, and hear about famous sports figures injuries!


Do YOU know how to make a cast? Med-Start students do

  •  Neurology Day: March, 2016
    • Neurology Day is a fun Saturday in March, where our Med-Start students get to dissect cow eyes, touch brains, and learn all about our nervous system in a fun and interactive way!


Brains are Cool!!

  •  Drugs, Alcohol and Sexual Health Day: May, 2016.
    • On DASH Day, students spend a Saturday at Mount Sinai learning about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, while also learning about safe sex, and breastfeeding!


Board Member Brittany Arditi teaches her students all about the dangers of alcohol!

  • Summer Camp: August 2016.
    • The summer camp is a week long immersive program with each day devoted to a different aspect of medicine! Students get an interesting and comprehensive experience within each of the realms of medicine!
      • Vitals
      • GI
      • Pulmonary
      • Cardiology


Did you know that washing your hands removes tons and tons of bacteria? Now our students do!


Our Students Graduate with Pride! These students were on our Advanced Leadership Track, and were able to go out and help the community with Meals on Wheels!

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